Zhanar Sadanova

Саданова Жанар Кабикен-Кызы

Work experience and qualifications:

2002-2003. KAFU, teacher. Department of SRS and Foreign Languages.

2003-2006. KAFU, teacher, head of Pedagogy and methods of primary education. Department of SRS and Foreign Languages.

2006-2008. KAFU, senior lecturer, head of Pedagogy and methods of primary education direction. Department of Pedagogy, Psychology and SRS.

2008-2012. KAFU associate professor of the department of “Pedagogy and Psychology”.

2012. KAFU, senior lecturer of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, head of the Pedagogy and methods of primary education direction.


1992-1996. Ust-Kamenogorsk Teachers College

Specialty: teaching in primary school primary school.

Qualification: Primary school elementary school teacher.

Additional qualifications: Kazakh language teacher at the national school.

1996-1998. EKSU. (Full-time)

Specialty: Pedagogy and methods of elementary education.

Qualification: primary school teacher. School psychologist.

1998-2000. EKSU. Master’s Courses

Academic degree: Master of Education

2000-2002. Fellowship

13.00.01. General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education, ethno-pedagogy.

Additional education, further education

1) 08.02.2002. operator of a computer.

2) 2003. Certificate: “System Of Humane-Personal Approach To Children In The Educational Process”. (Sh.A.Amonashvili – Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Honorary Academician of RAO) (February 23-27).

3) 25.05.2009. Certificate of professional development. Professional development program: “Methodology and informatization of the educational process”. KAFU

5) 2010. Certificate No. 16: training seminar “Principles of leadership” (18.11 and 24.11.2010).

6) 29.01.2011. Certificate No. 25: “The role of the subject” Self-knowledge “in the formation of Kazakhstan’s patriotism.”

7) 16.03.2011. Certificate №128: training in the program of professional development “Distance educational technologies” (from 15.11.2010 to 16.03.2011).

8) 04/13/2011. Certificate No. 10: training under the program of professional development “Personal competences of the teacher”.

9) 30/05/2011. Certificate No. 245 for participation in the professional development program “Quality Management in Education in the University”

10) 10/28/2011. Certificate for participation in the master class “International Professional Practice as an Essential Element of Modern Education” (KAFU, Karl Christensen, 28.10.2011)

11) 14/09/2012. “Stress-resistance as the basis of the balance between career and health” (Ben Stenchuk, 14.09.2012)

12) 14.09.2012. “Leadership training as an important component of training” (Marshall Christensen, 14.09.2012)

13) 12-13.10.2012. Participation in the seminar on the topic: “Seminar on the preparation of applications for grant financing of scientific research” (12-13.10.2012 Ust-Kamenogorsk EKSTU named after D.Serikbayev)

14) 08.10.2012. Participation in the seminar (October 8, 2012). Certificate No.EG12-0066343

15) November 21-23, 2012. On-site seminar – training on “Implementation of state ethnopolitics and regulation of ethno-professional relations in Kazakhstan” 21-23. 11 2012. Ust-Kamenogorsk, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

16) 4-12.03.2013. “Critical Thinking Course” (Oskemen, 2013);

17) 13.03.2013. International Servant Leadership Principles Course (March 13, 2013)

18) 04/04/2013. “LEVELS OF LEARNING, METHODS AND CRITICAL THINKIHG” (KAFU, Ust-Kamenogorsk, 30. 04.2013) Certificate No. 15

19) 05/02/2013. “RECENT DISCOVERIES IN BRAIN SCIENCE15 RELATED TO LEARNING PROCESS” (Oskemen, 05/02/2013.) Certificate No. 10.

20) 29.04.13-25.05.13. Certificate No. 0122900 for advanced training courses for teachers of the Republic of Kazakhstan JSC National Center for Advanced Training “ORLEU” (Almaty, 240 hours)

21) 09/09/2013. Certificate No. 886 for participation in the program “Exemplary Teacher” Formation of leadership skills in the learning process (10h) (KAFU, Marshall Christensen, September 25, 2013)

22) 27.09.2013. Certificate No. 7 (KAFU, G.A.Kusmanova, 27.09.2013)

23) 02/21/2014. Certificate Series №0000215

24) 04/03/2014 Certificate # 15 for participation in the master class “Curriculums of the school in the 12-year education system: features of structure and content”

25) May 27, 2014. Participation in the seminar “Assessment of effectiveness and ways to improve the educational programs of the university.” Certificate №1122. KAFU, Ust-Kamenogorsk

26) March 27-31, 2014 Participation in the seminar “Modeling Leadership in the Classroom”. Certificate №1182. KAFU, Ust-Kamenogorsk

27) 09/16/2014 Certificate for participation in the scientific and practical seminar “Organizational and legal problems of continuing education” College-university. “KAFU, city of Ust-Kamenogorsk

28) 19.09.2014. Certificate for participation in the master class “Modern technologies: gender aspect”, No. 17. KAFU, Ust-Kamenogorsk

29) 04/15/2015. Certificate for participation in the master class, No. 21. KAFU, Ust-Kamenogorsk

30) 04/18/2015. Certificate for participation in the intellectual evening “Open evening”

31) 30.09.2015 Certificate No. 306 for participation in the regional pedagogical readings “Pedagogical heritage of Kumash Nurgaliyev”, Ust-Kamenogorsk city

32) 09/25/2015 Certificate for participation in the master class “Advantages and disadvantages of the innovative model of train