Extracurricular Lesson within the Discipline “Technique and Tactics of Active Types of Tourism”

On May 12, 2023, an extracurricular lesson was held – a one-day hiking trip with students of the EPs “Tourism” and “Restaurant and Hotel Business”. The destination point was the Ulansky district.

The purpose of the trip is to gain practical skills for hiking in mountainous areas, driving along roads and trails, compass orientation, first aid, and increasing the necessity for domestic tourism.

The trip was organized by the Department of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism of the city of Ust-Kamenogorsk and the Tourist Company “Color of Life”.

During the hiking trip, KAFU students visited the historical site of the fortress-monastery Ablaikit. The fortress (Ablaikit) is located 85 kilometers from Ust-Kamenogorsk, 15 km southeast of the village of Bozanbay, 15 km from the village of Algabas. The area is a beautiful plain, which is closed from north to west by high cliffs.

On the route, the students navigated the terrain, worked with the map, learned how to make tourist knots, and moved in azimuth to checkpoints. During the trip, the students passed through swamps, mountains and ravines, overcoming a water barrier.

1st year student Artem Glushakov shares his impressions about the hike: “The hike was fun, interesting and informative! We have learned a lot, mastered tourist skills that will be useful to us in future trips. We were impressed and would gladly go hiking again!”

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