Electronic resources

For fast and high-quality service, the library has a number of resources:

  1. KABIS is an automated library service management system (integrated library and information system).

Convenient search in Cadiz through the electronic catalog of book publications:

  • database “Books in English”
  • the database “Books in Russian”
  • database “Periodicals”
  1. Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library

The Kazakh-American Free University has signed an agreement with the Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library, providing full access to its resources. The Republican Interuniversity Electronic Library (RMEB) is a single database that combines electronic educational resources of universities in Kazakhstan into a single information system. The main purpose of this full–text database is to provide the teaching staff of the university, students of university and postgraduate training with modern information educational resources, as well as interactive multimedia learning resources.

Link: http://rmebrk.kz/

  1. Springer databases

The Kazakh-American Free University has signed an agreement with the National Center for Scientific and Technical Information, which provides full access to the electronic full-text resources of the Springer database on-line. The resource includes the following products:

  • e-books
  • electronic reference books
  • magazines
  • archives of on-line magazines
  • archives of on-line books, etc.

Link: https://link.springer.com/

  1. G-Global Portal

G-Global Communication Platform is a unique system that allows Internet users from all over the world to participate in the following sections of the portal:

Books are informational and educational resources.

Publications – results and conclusions of scientific research, analytical work and tests.

Debates are a platform where two or more opponents can discuss topical issues of politics, economics, business and many others.


Forums (active since 2009) – exchange of scientific ideas and experience with researchers from all over the world

Expert review – opinions of experts on topical issues of our time.

Projects are an opportunity to present the idea of a business project to experts, get advice and recommendations for improvement, and most importantly, attract investment for the implementation of this project.

Blogs are a new look at familiar things by “non-professionals” at events in the world around them.

This communication platform was created on the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, who spoke on December 15, 2011 at a solemn meeting dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence. January 12, 2012, on the website of the Astana Economic Forum www.aef.kz A unique project “G-Global Communication Platform” has been launched, which brought together well-known scientists of our time, business communities, authorities not only of modern Kazakhstan, but also of the whole world. The G-Global communication platform is aimed at citizens of all social strata and countries of the world interested in the development of their own economies and the world economy.

Today, the G-Global AEF communication platform includes a social network of intellectuals, both from Kazakhstan and the world community. In just the last year, daily traffic has increased from 50 users to 2,000 users per day. More than 10,000 users have registered on the AEF website. The number of countries from which users came was 128 countries of the world. The main feature of the new Internet portal is an interactive online conference “PERSON OF THE MONTH”, with the participation of brilliant minds of the era and famous personalities of Kazakhstan and the world. Every month during this online conference, the invited “guest” will share his advisory opinion and answer questions from the portal participants, where everyone can take part.

Advantages of publishing publications for university staff and students:

Release of the collection of the best works for the forum – the best publications will be selected from the material posted on the site for further placement in the collection for the forum;

Exchange of scientific ideas and experience with researchers from all over the world;

Establishing scientific contacts at the global level;

Work is underway to assign the status of officially published for all scientific articles and publications posted on the G-Global website;

Holding a competition for the best solutions to urgent global problems, for example, the issue of a single world currency.

Link: https://group-global.org/

  1. The database of the ENVOY

The archive of important publications is collected manually. Database with a rubric: 26 industries / 600 sources / 8 federal districts of the Russian Federation / 235 countries and territories /main materials / articles and interviews of 5000 top officials. Every day there are a thousand news, full text in Russian, a million of the best stories of news agencies and business press for 15 years. Full-text search, keywords, export to Word, etc. text editors, sorting the array by a dozen topics. Personal collections of stories and bookmarks are available from any user device. Internet services by industry and country. Access to Polpred.The cell is open from all computers of the library and the internal network.

Link: Polpred.com