Foreign Internship for teachers of the Department of Law and International Relations

Within the Memorandum of Understanding between the Tashkent State University of Law and the Kazakh-American Free University, teachers of the Department of Law and International Relations visited the Tashkent State University of Law.

In order to study advanced foreign experience in the field under study, acquire and consolidate practical skills in applying modern methods of scientific research, processing and interpreting experimental data as part of a dissertation research, as well as improving professional qualifications, a 3rd year doctoral student of the educational program “Law”, senior lecturer of the department “Law and International Relations” Marzhan Tazhieva was accepted for a scientific internship at the Department of Labor Law. The internship will last from February 18 to March 20, 2023, during which the doctoral student will attend classes of colleagues, study the library fund of the university, and take part in scientific events.

Associate Professor of the Department of Law and International Relations, PhD Botagoz Umitchinova visited Tashkent State University of Law as a guest lecturer in order to exchange experience and strengthen cooperation between universities.

The rich program of the visit of KAFU teachers included various events: getting acquainted with the material and technical base, the library fund of the university, visiting colleagues’ classes, participating in official meetings, round tables, etc.

On February 20, an official meeting of the teaching staff of KAFU with the Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Continuing Education of the Tashkent State University of Law, Dilshodjon Umarov was held, where he announced the goals set by the country’s main law school, changes and innovations introduced into the educational process, promising areas of international cooperation with foreign universities.

On February 22, the KAFU delegation was invited to a meeting with acting rector of Tashkent State University of Law, Islambek Rustambekov, during which a number of promising areas were identified in effective and mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of education. In particular, they talked about strengthening the exchange of students between universities within the framework of academic mobility programs, the exchange of teachers as visiting professors, and the further prospect of joint research work.

The teachers also took part in a round table on the topic “REGULATION ISSUES OF ATYPICAL LABOR RELATIONS IN UZBEKISTAN AND FOREIGN COUNTRIES”, the purpose of which was to discuss the experience of the Republic of Uzbekistan and foreign countries in regulating atypical labor relations that have arisen with the development of digitalization and the emergence of new types of professions and services . The teachers took an active part in the discussion of the round table topic and presented KAFU, its mission, structure and activities.

Department of Law and International Relations