Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages

An academic degree is associated with the study of two foreign languages at a higher level, together with the study of more complex theoretical and practical aspects of the profession, including teaching at universities.

Academic degree:

Master of Education (1 year), Master of Education Sciences (2 years)

Code and name of the educational program:    

7M01702 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”

Core subjects:        

Pedagogy, English for Specific Purposes

Form of study and duration of study:    

Specialized master’s degree: 1 year

Scientific and pedagogical program: 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The major of the Master’s program “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” is intended for students who wish to obtain a high qualification in the field of studying two foreign languages. As part of this program, students learn two foreign languages at a high level, broaden their horizons and improve their communication skills.

Education within the framework of the program includes an in-depth study of two foreign languages, as well as the cultural aspect of the languages being studied. As part of the culture studies, students will learn about the culture and history of countries where these languages are official, as well as about international relations and economic relations of these countries.

Students also learn to translate foreign texts into their native language and vice versa, analyze and interpret texts in foreign languages, draft and translate business documents and correspondence, and work with international organizations and companies.

The master’s program “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” also includes practical work in the form of course projects, research work and translation practice. Students can also choose from several additional disciplines to expand their knowledge of international relations, intercultural communication, economics and business.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the Master’s program “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” can work in various fields, including diplomacy, international business, journalism, teaching and translation. They can also continue their studies and earn a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in linguistics, international relations, or other related fields.