Foreign Philology and Professional Communication (rus, kaz, eng)

A field of humanities aimed at learning the theory and history of a foreign language, acquiring skills and competence in foreign languages and linguistics, and engaging in international communication.

Academic degree: Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics

Code and name of the educational program: 6B02302 “Foreign Philology and Professional Communication”

Elective subjects:   

After school: Foreign Language, World History   
After college: Foundations of Pedagogy and Psychology, Foreign Language

Form and duration of studying:       

Full-time (after school) – 4 years     
On the basis of TPE (after college) full-time, shortened – 3 years 
On the basis of HE (after university) full-time, shortened – 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The specialty “Foreign Philology and Professional Communication” combines the study of languages, literature and culture of different countries with training in professional communication. It trains professionals who can work successfully in international relations, business, tourism, journalism, translation, and other fields related to foreign languages and cultures.

The curriculum usually includes study of several foreign languages (English, German, Spanish, Chinese, Turkish) as well as courses in the literature, culture and history of the countries where these languages are official. Students also study professional communication, including business communication, translation practice, technical writing and speaking, and the oral skills needed to successfully communicate in a variety of professional contexts.

Career Opportunities:

Upon graduation, graduates of the specialty can work in a variety of fields that require proficiency in a foreign language and knowledge of the culture of the country where that language is an official language. They can work as translators, journalists, editors, teachers, international relations specialists, business consultants, tourism managers, and more.

Studying for this major can also be useful for those who want to gain a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and languages, and who want to travel and work abroad.

6B02302 Foreign Philology and Professional Communication