Guess Who’s Back? Our Kathy is with Us!

Certified English teacher Kathlyn Hyde came back to the Kazakh-American Free University and conducts interesting classes with 1st-3rd year students.

On March 14, 2023, Kathy Hyde began to conduct a series of practical classes in the disciplines “Specialised Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language” for 3rd year students of the EP “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” and “Modern Methods of Foreign Language Education” for 2nd year students of the OP “Foreign Language” : two foreign languages”.

For a better understanding of working with primary school students, our students individually worked with authentic fiction books for expressive reading in the classroom. Working in groups, they discussed options for exercises for working with various types of visualization, such as cards, pictures, toys and finger puppets. In order to consolidate the information received, the students were able to demonstrate mini-games that they can play in the course of their professional practice.

Department of Foreign Languages