Guest Lecture on “Startup for Students” or “How to Start a Business”?

November 03, 2022 as part of the study of the discipline “Fundamentals of Economics and Entrepreneurship”, by the senior lecturer of Business Department Dinara Mamyrbekova, a guest lecture was organized for 1st year students of all educational programs of the business department.

The speaker was Kashap Idayatuly, a graduate of KAFU.

His interests and competencies:

  1. innovative entrepreneurship;
  2. strategy development and business models;
  3. attraction of investments.

Today, Kashap Idayatuly implements 3 types of entrepreneurship at the same time. The speaker shared his personal experience of running a business from his student days, spoke about the opportunities and threats of its formation, explained how to find investors, develop an idea and promote it.

During the guest lecture, students actively asked interesting questions in the field of entrepreneurship, and were also interested in the possibility of internships and joint project work in the future.

Department of Business