Guest Lecture on the Topic “Improving the Quality of Public Services”

On October 20, 2023, the students of the Department of Business took part in a guest lecture on the topic “Improving the Quality of Public Services.”

The speaker was a graduate of the Business Department, Merey K. Manasov, who is currently an Office Management Inspector for the Akimat of the Katon-Karagay district of East Kazakhstan region.

One of the priority areas of administrative reform in the Republic of Kazakhstan is to improve the quality of public services.

Today, great attention is paid to creating favorable conditions for receiving public services and ensuring their availability to all service recipients.

Work is being carried out to optimize the processes of providing public services, the deadlines and the list of documents to be submitted are being reduced, duplicative procedures are being eliminated and public services are being transferred to electronic format.

During the guest lecture, the speaker shared information about the advantages and disadvantages of public service.

Upon completion, the listeners expressed gratitude to the speaker for the information received and discussed issues of interest.

Department of Business