Intellectual Quiz Dedicated to the Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On October 24, 2023, an intellectual quiz dedicated to Republic Day was organized for students of the Department of Law and International Relations. Its goal was to broaden the horizons of students, develop their teamwork skills and creative abilities. Among the tasks were not only the questions related to the achievements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also questions from the legal sphere and anti-corruption policy, as well as questions from the field of culture, history and sociology.

The quiz began with a speech by the Head of the Department of Law and International Relations, Professor, PhD Kairat O. Alembaev. In his speech, he congratulated the students and faculty members on the Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also mentioned the importance of intellectual quizzes, in which a winning spirit is formed and new knowledge is acquired, and called on students to take an active part in such events.

The intellectual quiz was hosted by the lecturers of the Department of Law and International Relations Savely A. Muzhchil and Ermek Zhunuspekov (Compliance Officer). The questions for the quiz were prepared by the lecturer Nurzhan Zhunuspekov. The jury also included a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Law and International Relations, Yelena N. Egorenkova.

In the first round of the online quiz, the lecturer of the Department of International Law and Human Rights of the Tashkent State University of Law, Shokhrukhbek M. Tillaboev, asked the questions on international law to each team of students. In his speech, our distinguished guest expressed his joy at the successful cooperation between KAFU and TSUL and wished the faculty members and students of KAFU success.

In the second round, the students were asked the questions from various fields. They gave answers to almost all questions.

According to the results of the intellectual quiz, two teams took 1st place: “Themis” (3rd year) and “Legion” (4th year). Second place was taken by the “Tiposhniki” team (1st year after college). Third place was won by the teams “Axis” (1st year) and “Dike” (1st year).

Congratulations to our students on their successful participation in the intellectual quiz! We wish them to constantly work to improve their competitiveness!

Department of Law and International Relations