International Accreditation of Educational Programs of the Department of Law and International Relations

The Department of Law and International Relations has successfully fulfilled the accreditation requirements and received confirmation of international accreditation for the educational programs of the department.

The accreditation was confirmed by the Institute for Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance ACQUIN, located in Bayreuth, Germany.

The following educational programs of the department received international accreditation:

1. Jurisprudence:

– Bachelor’s degree;

– Master’s degree;

– Doctoral studies.

2. International Relations:

– Bachelor’s degree;

– Master’s degree.

3. Law and Law Enforcement:

– Bachelor’s degree

4. Law and Customs Activities:

– Bachelor’s degree.

This important achievement underscores the high standard of educational programs provided by the department. International accreditation ACQUIN recognizes not only the quality but also the compliance of programs with international education standards. Students who choose to study at the department can be confident of receiving an education at the highest level that meets global requirements and expectations.

This accreditation was the result of the hard work of the faculty members, administration, structural divisions and the student community, and confirms the successful vector of development of the Department of Law and International Relations in the field of education and training of highly qualified specialists.