International Leadership: Cooperation without Borders

On June 9, 2023, the Kazakh-American Free University hosted the final international conference on the Leadership Academy 2023 “International Practice of Effective Socially Responsible Leadership: the Experience of Kazakhstan, the USA, Afghanistan, Thailand and the Philippines”.

The International Servant Leadership Program (ISLP) is a unique program created in collaboration with Co-Serve International (Portland, Oregon, USA) and Kazakh-American Free University. This program is designed specifically for students, graduates and doctoral students of the university with the aim of teaching new approaches to leadership, which is based on the principles of service to society, respect for the dignity and personality of each person, developing personal and professional potential, building a team and combining creative efforts to achieve high results.

The hosts of this event were Daniel Ballast, Vice President for International Programs at KAFU and Anna Kabardina, Director of International Programs at KAFU. The importance of cooperation and the implementation of a unique leadership program was noted by Zhasulan Baikenov, First Vice President of KAFU. The participants of the program, including representatives of Thailand, Afghanistan, the Philippines, the USA, students of our university and other universities of Kazakhstan, addressed with a welcoming speech to all those present. When presenting the certificates, each of the participants announced their mission, which the International Leadership Academy helped them to formulate. Letters of thanks were presented to representatives of various areas of our society, who also took part in the Academy program, showing by their own example that they are leaders in their industry, helping people every day and providing support to everyone who needs it.

One of the most important problems of society is the development of personal and professional leadership potential, mastering the skills of intercultural communication with students among young people, strengthening international relations of Kazakhstan within higher educational institutions – and the International Leadership program proves an excellent job with all these tasks!

We thank our partners and all participants!