International scientific seminar “Gender dimension of economic and demographic development of Kazakhstan”

On April 9, 2024, within the framework of the implementation of the project AP19680677 “Economic and demographic development of Kazakhstan: gender aspect” of grant funding for scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects for 2023-2025 of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, an international scientific seminar “Gender dimension of economic and demographic development of Kazakhstan”. The moderator of the seminar was Aizhan Argynovna Mukhamadieva, professor of the Department of Business at the Kazakh-American Free University, candidate of economic sciences.

A member of the research group, Irina Evgenievna Kalabikhina, Doctor of Economics, Professor, UN Expert, Head of the Department of Population, Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University, addressed the seminar participants with a welcoming speech. Lomonosov.

The scientific seminar was attended by Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of KazNU named after. Al-Farabi Spankulova Lazat Seytkazievna, Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Chief Researcher at the International Research Center “Digital Social Research”, VKTU named after. D. Serikbaeva Stolyarova Eleonora Olegovna.

Project manager Mukhamadieva A.A. introduced students to the results of a study of the gender pay gap using the Random Forest model.

As part of the work of the project’s research group, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Zhasulan Erbolovich Baikenov presented the results of his research on the topic “Gender inequality in the distribution of time budget for unpaid household duties and care for family members in Kazakhstan.” Candidate of Legal Sciences Yulia Aleksandrovna Gavrilova assessed the loss of Kazakhstan’s GDP from violence against women and compared the indicators with foreign countries. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Bordianu Ilona Vladimirovna analyzed the problem of gender differentiation of wages in the labor market in Kazakhstan.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Alpysbaev Kuanysh Sultanmakhmutovich – Deputy Director for Science and International Relations of the Sorbonne-Kazakhstan Institute of the KazNPU named after Abai, described the migration situation in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the context of the gender aspect.

The seminar participants, representing various fields of scientific knowledge, not only identified problematic issues related to the gender dimension of the economic and demographic development of Kazakhstan, but also suggested ways to solve them.

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