KAFU Students Learn Life Strategies

On April 12, 2023, a team of students of the Kazakh-American Free University participated in the XX session of the student school of tolerance “Formation of an Intercultural Tolerant Space and Development of Dialogue among the Youth”, organized by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of the East Kazakhstan region represented by “House of Friendship – the Center of Public Consent”, with the assistance of the scientific and expert group of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of East Kazakhstan region. The team included 2nd year students of the EPs “Jurisprudence”, “Law and Law Enforcement”, “Law and Customs Activities”: Alisher Amangeldin, Ilyas Tratonin, Angelina Khoreva, Adil Besembaev, Ulan Yernazarov, Daria Kuchina, Milana Movilyan and Kamila Skakova.

Three teams participated in the current school – S. Amanzholov EKU, D. Serikbaev EKTU, and KAFU. The XX session was held under the theme “Science – a successful life strategy for the youth of Kazakhstan”. Students participated in the dialogue “Life strategies and ways to implement them”. The work of the school was carried out in two stages:

  • at the first stage, the experts of the school worked with the students in an interactive form (Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor A.N. Alekseenko, PhD, Professor L.V. Stolyarova, Ph.D., Associate Professor N.L. Krasnobaeva and others);
  • the second part of the school was held as a discussion platform for teams under the guidance of school experts – each of the teams developed and defended their project work.

School experts highly appreciated the presented project “Young Family in Kazakhstan: Problems and Opportunities”, especially noted the strong team spirit of KAFU students and well-coordinated teamwork. At the end of the school, participants were awarded certificates.

Department of Law and International Relations