KAFU’s International Educational Program “IT Management” Received German Accreditation ASIIN

International educational program “IT Management”, implemented by the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences (Germany) together with the Kazakh-American Free University and higher educational institutions of Armenia (Armenian State Economic University), Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz-German Institute of Applied Informatics), Georgia ( International Black Sea University) received accreditation from the agency for accreditation of educational programs in the field of engineering, computer science, natural sciences, and mathematics (ASIIN, Germany).

ASIIN accreditation is issued to an educational program that meets academic and professional requirements at a high level, and confirms compliance with learning outcome-oriented standards consistent with the European Qualifications Framework and the European Standards and Guidelines.

This program is aimed at allowing students to connect their professional competencies with knowledge in the fields of computer technology, business information systems, management, and business administration.

All universities participating in this agreement recognize all ECTS credits obtained as part of this study program.

In November 2023, the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences hosted a commencement ceremony for master’s students enrolled in this academic year.

Upon completion of the program, KAFU master’s students will receive two diplomas: from the Kazakh-American Free University and the West Saxon University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

The educational process takes place in English – disciplines, exams, and defense of a master’s thesis. The writing of the master’s thesis will be carried out under the guidance of two research supervisors from the Kazakh and German sides.

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