An academic degree aimed at training specialists with knowledge of the concept of management, such as strategic planning, resource management, marketing, finance, as well as research methods.

Academic Degree:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Code and name of the educational program:

8D04101 “Management”

Form of study and duration of study:

Full-time, 3 years

Description of the educational program :

Doctorate in Management is a scientific stage of higher education, focused on training specialists in the field of management who are able to develop and conduct research in the field of management and organization management.

The doctoral program in management usually includes the study of the theories and practices of management in organizations, including finance, marketing, operations management, strategic management, organizational behavior, and personnel management.

In addition, doctoral studies also include preparation for conducting research in management, including the development of theoretical and empirical research, data analysis, and discussion of research results in the context of existing management theories and practices.

The doctoral program in management may also include specialized courses in certain areas of management, such as innovation management, risk management, project management, international management, etc.

Successful completion of a doctoral program in management requires the completion of scientific research and the writing of a dissertation, which must include original scientific contributions in the field of management and management. As a result of defending the dissertation, the doctoral student receives the degree of Doctor of Science in the major “Management”.

Career opportunities:

Doctoral students in management can work in a variety of fields, including: as teachers or researchers at universities and colleges; in research centers and laboratories, conducting research and analyzing data; in government organizations, doing policy analysis and strategy development; in consulting companies, providing strategy development, risk assessment and project management services; in financial institutions, including banks, insurance companies and investment funds.