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Master class “Secrets of effective work on a dissertation: from topic selection to defense”

Within the framework of the International Scientific Congress “International Partnership: the potential of education and science in the context of global challenges”, on September 14, 2022, a master class by PhD, associate professor was held in the assembly hall of the Kazakh-American Free University Mukhamadieva Aizhan Argynovna on the topic “Secrets of effective work on a dissertation: from topic selection to defense”.

The participants of the master class were the teaching staff, doctoral students, undergraduates of the Department of Business. Aizhan Argynovna told what a dissertation is, how important it is to immediately decide on the subject of research, since the topic should solve a new scientific problem. When writing a study, it is important to know what stages it is necessary to divide the dissertation work into and how to select the literature correctly. At the end of the master class, the listeners expressed gratitude to Mukhamadieva A.A. for the information received and discussed the issues of interest.

Department of Business