Meeting on the Topic “The Best Mentor for Working Youth” in TEDx Format

Since 2013, Kazakhstan has been celebrating Labor Day every year on the last Sunday of September. This year this significant day falls on September 24th. Labor Day is not only a labor holiday on the calendar, but also a labour quality indicator in a region.

In order to promote the values of labor on the eve of this holiday, on September 22, 2023, a meeting was held at the Kazakh-American Free University on the topic “The Best Mentor for Working Youth” in the TEDx format with Elvira Allahverdieva.

The speaker described the current trends in the labor market, conditions and factors for professional development and self-realization.

Students became acquainted with the modern concept of the V.U.C.A concept and the concept of the “Development Triangle”.

At the conclusion of her performance, the speaker gave the basics of the theory of professional personality types in the work environment of J. Holland.

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