Methodological seminar on improving the professional competence of future foreign language teachers

On December 8, within the framework of the discipline “Foreign Language for Specific Purposes”, under the guidance of Senior Lecturer of the Department of Foreign Languages Anna A. Oskolkova, 2nd-year students (after school and after college) of EP “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages” held a methodological seminar. The main source of methodological support for students of the pedagogical specialty has become the «Forum» magazine, in which you can find a variety of articles and samples of worksheets by English teachers from all over the world.

The purpose of this methodological seminar is to improve the professional competence of future foreign language teachers. A week before the seminar, the students worked in pairs and mini-groups and determined the topic of the speech, worked with authentic materials, and prepared the presentations.

Students’ reports included such aspects of teaching a foreign language as the motivation of the teacher and students, the use of a game method of teaching a foreign language, the creation of language clubs at school, increasing students’ vocabulary, the use of graphic organizers in English lessons and much more.

At the end of each presentation, students summarized their performances and asked questions to the audience.

Department of Foreign Languages