New Ways of Cooperation with “National Center for Advanced Studies “Orleu”

Prospects for cooperation with the branch of the joint-stock company “National Center for Advanced Studies “Orleu” Institute for Professional Development in the East Kazakhstan region were discussed during the meeting by representatives of the Kazakh-American Free University.

Orleu is a national center for advanced training. The main activity is advanced training of teaching staff of preschool, secondary and higher education, as well as colleges.

Director of the branch Gaukhar Zhumanova discussed with representatives of KAFU new ways of cooperation and interaction for both teachers and higher education institutions,

The meeting was attended by KAFU First Vice-President Zhasulan Baikenov, Natalia Nesterenko, Advisor to the Rector, and Yulia Novitskaya, Head of the Foreign Languages Department.

The pace and global nature of the changes taking place in the field of education, the increasing demands on the part of society for the preparation of a critically thinking and functionally literate person, capable of continuously updating their knowledge, quickly relearning and changing the scope of their abilities for a successful life in a rapidly changing world dictate the need for constant revision of approaches to the organization of school and higher education institutions.

The fruitful history of cooperation between KAFU and the National Center for Advanced Studies “Orleu” contributes to building work taking into account new requirements in the field of modern education and the implementation of new tasks.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Public Relations Center