Open Lesson by Saveliy Muzhchil in the Discipline “Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan”

On April 26, 2023, an open lesson was held for first-year students of the educational programs “Jurisprudence”, “Law and Law Enforcement” and “Law and Customs Activities” in the discipline “Constitutional Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan” of the senior lecturer of the Department of Law and International Relations, Master of Legal Sciences, teacher-researcher in the direction of “Philosophy, Ethics and Religious Studies” Saveliy Muzhchil. The theme of the practical lesson is “The Constitutional Foundations of Justice in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

This open lesson was held with elements of dual learning. The head of the Administrator of the Juvenile Court of the East Kazakhstan region Almas Altayuly was invited as an expert, who spoke about the judiciary in the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as about the specifics of the activities of the juvenile court.

The next stage of the lesson was the implementation of a practical task on filling in the table “Judicial System of the Republic of Kazakhstan”.

Much attention in the lesson was paid to work with the glossary of terms. Students had to give definitions to new terms on the topic under study. In addition, the teacher gave the terms in English, which had to be translated into Russian and explained.

In order to consolidate the material covered, a quiz was held, the winner of which was Artem Karimov.

The final stage of the lesson was reflection, during which the students wrote on stickers what they liked and did not like in the lesson. These stickers became the “leaves” of the “tree of knowledge” depicted on the board. In addition, students’ creative works on the topic of the lesson were presented on the board. The paintings depicted scenes related to justice. This form of work was aimed at developing the creative abilities of students.

Department of Law and International Relations