Practical Skills for Working in Inclusion System

The boarding school “Ak Niet” employs highly qualified specialists who carry out integrated model activities with the creation of conditions for children with special educational needs to receive high-quality general and vocational education.

On September 25 and 26, 2023, 3rd year students of pedagogical educational programs of the Kazakh-American Free University under the guidance of Senior Lecturers of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology Zhanar K. Sadanova, Zarina K. Chunkurova attended training sessions at this school, where they observed the educational process. Deputy Director for Academic Affairs Lira M. Zhalaushinova assigned students to specialists according to the profile of the educational program, to the defectologist (typhlopedagogist) Saule K. Enebayeva, the speech therapist teacher Gulnara S. Akhmetova, the deaf teacher Aim B. Ansaganova and the physical therapy inspector Akzhol Zh. Mamyrbekov. The meeting allowed future teachers to see the work of specialists with children.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology