Restaurant and Hospitality Business

The service area trains professionals with skills in accounting, management and operation of restaurants, hotels and cafes, a specialty based on the fundamentals of business planning and management.

Academic degree: Bachelor’s degree in services

Code and name of the educational program: 6B11102 “Restaurant and Hospitality Business”

Elective subjects:

After school: Geography, Foreign Language
After college: History of Kazakhstan, Organization of service in restaurants and hotel business

Form and duration of studying:

Full-time (after school) – 4 years
On the base of TPE (after college) full-time, shortened – 3 years
On the base of HE (after university) full-time, shortened – 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The specialty “Restaurant and Hospitality Business” is one of the most popular in the field of tourism and hospitality. It implies that students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage the restaurant and hospitality business. Students study such disciplines as basics of restaurant business management, organization and management of a hotel enterprise, marketing and sales in hospitality, culinary arts, etc. Internships are also an important part of the training, allowing students to gain real-world experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry.

Career Opportunities:

Restaurant and hospitality graduates can work in various areas of the field, including: business strategy development, budget planning, financial control, personnel management; menu development, customer service organization, wine, coffee and other beverage selection, and management of resources needed to serve customers; customer service, including attracting new customers, retaining old ones, and resolving conflicts; product and service quality control, ensuring compliance

6B11102 Restaurant and Hospitality Business