Review on the Message of President Tokayev

On October 6, 2023, at the Kazakh-American Free University, a meeting was held with the Chairman of the City Maslikhat, Alexander A. Svetash, who, during the conversation, briefly explained to students the main prospects and trends in the development of the maslikhat for the next year. The defining principles of the country’s new economic course will be fairness, inclusiveness, and pragmatism. All citizens face a strategically important task – to transform Kazakhstan into an IT country. We must create all conditions for the large-scale development of the creative economy in our country.

The speaker emphasized that the foundations for the formation of a harmonious personality and a responsible citizen are laid in childhood. Today we are creating an effective state in which law and order, a culture of dialogue, responsibility and solidarity prevail. We strive to become part of the open modern world, developing culture, education and science.

At the current stage, the most important task is to form a strong industrial framework for the country and ensure economic self-sufficiency. Through a new industrial policy, we will have to move to a qualitatively different development model.

We are building a fair Kazakhstan – a country of equal opportunities and progress.