Round Table at KAFU: American Professor Presents A New Concept of Cultural Management

As part of the active exchange of knowledge and experience, on December 29, 2023, a Round Table was held at the Kazakh-American Free University with the participation of Professor of the University at Buffalo – Constance DeVereaux.

Professor DeVereaux came up with an original idea for the concept of cultural management, emphasizing the importance of interaction and exchange of experience in this area. In her speech, she also touched upon the prospects for cooperation between universities through student exchange programs, providing participants with valuable insights and opportunities for further joint development. Professor DeVereaux emphasized the importance of creating incentives for academic growth and development, as well as active participation in international projects.

Teachers and guests of the event praised the professor’s speech as inspiring and fruitful for future cooperation in the field of cultural management. The event not only raised current issues in the field, but also opened up new perspectives for student exchange and research.

Department of International Cooperation