Scientific Seminar “The Experience of Writing a Scientific Work: Doctoral Student’s Perspective”

Within the framework of the XIII International Forum of Young Scientists “Modern Scientific Areas: from Applied Research to Innovation”, on April 17, 2023, a scientific and methodological seminar was held at the Kazakh-American Free University, where KAFU doctoral students shared their experience in working on their dissertation topics. Speakers had the opportunity to talk about their personal trials and challenges they faced while writing a scientific paper, as well as how they overcome them.

Doctoral students of the KAFU educational program “Management”, Ruslan Smagulov and Alexandra Astafyeva in their speech emphasized that the successful conduct of scientific research is largely facilitated by the correct, well-thought-out organization of research work, as well as planning and sequence.

The question of how to collect, group and pre-process research materials was answered in detail by doctoral student of the educational program “Law” Zhandos Muztauov.

The report of KAFU doctoral student Alexander Neske “A Systematic Review of the Literature on Theories Used to Study Third Parties in Sustainable Supply Chain Management” confirmed the importance of conducting an in-depth and systematic review of scientific literature.

Also, the study and analysis of literary sources forms an idea of the research methods that are used in the work on the chosen topic of scientific research. This was the main idea in the reports of doctoral students: Rita Adilmuratova “Using Judicial Practice Materials as Proof of the Reliability of the Results Obtained”, Marzhan Tazhiyeva “The Essence and Significance of the Legal Modeling Method When Writing a Dissertation Research” and Stefan Noack “Infographics as a Data Visualization Method in Scientific Research”.

The results of the scientific and methodological seminar were summed up by KAFU doctoral student of the educational program “Management” Akerke Zheldybayeva, who emphasized the importance of international collaborations in conducting scientific research.

Despite the fact that only some issues related to the preparation and writing of scientific research were considered at the seminar, the participants gave valuable scientific and methodological advice to the present students and undergraduates working on reports, articles and graduation theses.

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