The processes of globalization, the active integration processes taking place at the present time, have affected not only the social, economic, political, but also the cultural spheres of human activity, including the sphere of education. The globalization of the world in the field of culture and education is characterized by the intense convergence of countries and peoples, the strengthening of their interaction and mutual influence. Under these conditions, the problem of modernizing education, including the problem of language education, becomes relevant.

On March 17, 2023, the presentation of the monographs “General Issues of Linguistics: Language Acquisition” and “Pedagogical Technologies and Approaches in Teaching the Russian Language and Literature in Modern Conditions” was held at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology.

The authors of the first monograph, Tatyana Levina and Natalya Moshenskaya, the leading teachers of the study program «Russian Language and Literature», described the main points of their scientific work, dwelling in detail on the fact that language acquisition is an interdisciplinary field of research, the purpose of which is to describe and understand how a child learns language, spoken or sign, from his environment. The monograph deals with general issues of linguistics, considering various aspects of language acquisition – native, second or foreign. The monograph is aimed at the master’s program in the educational program “Russian Language and Literature”, but is also for the specialists interested in this issue. On the topic “General Issues of Linguistics: Language Acquisition”, it is planned to develop a MOOC, which will be available on the university’s educational portal in the near future.

The authors of the second monograph are Natalya Moshenskaya, Tatyana Levina, Aigerim Abylgazinova (graduate of the bachelor’s degree of KAFU, getting her master’s degree in the EP “Russian Language and Literature”, head teacher for academic work of “Secondary School No. 18”) and Tatyana Zinkovskaya (graduate of the bachelor’s degree KAFU, and getting her master’s degree in the program “Russian Language and Literature”) – revealed aspects of teaching the Russian language and literature in the conditions of modern Kazakhstani education, including using various approaches, methods and technologies. The monograph is for both undergraduate students in the educational program “Russian Language and Literature” any specialists interested in this issue.

The event was held in the presentation mode, students and teachers asked questions on the subject of monographs, the authors shared their point of view and took part in the discussion.

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology