Topical Issues of Prevention of Religious Extremism and Terrorism among the Youth

As part of the plan of educational work on the prevention of religious terrorism and extremism, a meeting was held with representatives of the Center for Research on Religious Problems. The purpose of the meeting is to increase information competence, promote knowledge of a social nature in the prevention of countering extremism and terrorism as part of the implementation of the state program to counter religious extremism and terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The speakers were Agzam Maushin, a member of the Regional Information and Explanatory group, and Aizhan Bekkalieva, a specialist of the Center for Research on Religious Affairs of the East Kazakhstan region. The meeting was held in the format of an open dialogue platform.

It is noted that extremist organizations use the Internet to spread ideas of a destructive nature. The main danger is an attempt to influence the minds of young people in order to spread extremist ideology.

During the conversation, information was given on the forms of countering extremism and terrorism, methods of preventing religious extremism in social networks. An analysis of the main provisions of the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated March 15, 2018 No. 124 “On Approval of the State Program to Counter Religious Extremism and Terrorism in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2018-2022” is given.

At the same time, experts have made an emphasis on explaining that our republic is an example of a country for the whole world where inter-confessional and inter-ethnic harmony reigns. Video materials were demonstrated, and students actively asked questions, to which detailed answers were provided by specialists.

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