Translation Studies

The academic degree is aimed at training specialists with further study of linguoculturological and scientific and pedagogical knowledge related to the theory of translation, intercultural relations and the specifics of learning foreign languages.

Academic degree:

Master of Linguistics (1 year) , Master of Philology

Code and name of the educational program:    

7M02302 “Translation Studies”

Core subjects:        

Theory of Translation, English for Specific Purposes

Form of study and duration of study:    

Specialized master’s degree: 1 year

Scientific and pedagogical magistracy: 2 years

Description of the educational program:

The major of the Master’s program “Translation Studies” is intended for students who want to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of translation and apply them in their professional activities.

As part of the program, students study the main aspects of translation activities, including translation theory, translation methods, various types of translation (written, verbal, simultaneous, consecutive), explore the principles, norms and standards of translation in various fields (economics, law, medicine, science and technology).

The program also includes the study of the linguistic and cultural characteristics of the various countries to which translations are directed, as well as the study of foreign languages at a high level. Students gain knowledge of specialized terminology in various fields and practice translating various types of texts and documents.

The Master’s program “Translation Studies” also includes the study of translation technologies and the use of computer tools in translation activities. Students learn the principles of using specialized software tools such as translation platforms, dictionaries and databases.

Career opportunities:

Graduates of the program can apply their knowledge and skills in various fields, including software and website localization, legal translation, medical translation, technical translation, translation of scientific articles and other documents. They can also work in the field of translation education or continue their studies and earn a PhD in translation studies or linguistics.