X Regional Olympiad in Kazakh language and literature

On February 29, 2024, the Kazakh-American Free University held the “X Regional Olympiad in Kazakh Language and Literature, dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Kazakh-American Free University.” In total, 85 students of grades 10 and 11 from schools in the Ulan, Tarbagatai, Ulken-Naryn, Markakol, Kokpektinsky, Kurchum, Glubokovsky districts and the city of Ridder, Ust-Kamenogorsk took part in the subject Olympiad, held at the regional level.

Subject Olympiads are a great way to find gifted students, develop their creativity and stimulate interest in science and education. And for the participants of the Olympiad, this is an opportunity to test their knowledge, evaluate themselves and enroll in a university on preferential terms. The subject Olympiad in Kazakh language and literature selects the best of the best!

The Olympics consisted of 2 stages. At stage 1, participants solved test tasks according to the curriculum; at stage 2, they wrote essays of their choice on several given topics related to the potential of Kazakhstan in the field of education and science.

During the event, Ph.D., Associate Professor B. N. Biyarov conducted a seminar for teachers on the topic “Methods and effective ways of preparing a scientific project.”

The training for students who passed the second stage of the Olympiad was conducted by senior teacher of the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, psychologist Elizaveta Temirbekovna Katanova.

Prize places based on the results of the Olympiad:

Among the 10 classes:

PlaceFull nameSchool
1 placeKaydarkyzy AraiKSU “Secondary school No. 47”
2nd placeZulfieva SevinchKSU “School-lyceum No. 3 named after Shokan Ualikhanov”
Mamyrbek AyalaKSU “Secondary school named after S. Amanzholov”
3rd placeIsabaeva AyaulymKSU “Secondary school No. 35”
Bayangazina MadinaKSU “Secondary school No. 23”
Taukenova Aiza SymbatkyzyKSU “Experimental Secondary School” of the education department for the Glubokovsky district of the education department of the East Kazakhstan region

Among the 11 classes:

PlaceFull nameSchool
1 placeNurlybek KarakatMunicipal state institution “Karatogay secondary school” of the education department for the Kurchum district of the Education Department of the East Kazakhstan region
2nd placeToktarbekova MoldirKSU “Secondary school No. 18”
3rd placeKonysbay Ardak MadenietkyzyKSU “Secondary school No. 33 named after Abai”

The prize fund for the IX Regional Olympiad held this year was as follows:

1 placeGrant from the President of the Kazakh- American Free University
2nd place50% discount on training at KAFU
3rd place30% discount on training at KAFU

Congratulations to the winners! We express our gratitude to the leaders who prepared educated applicants who will become the future of the country!

Department of Pedagogy and Psychology